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"Best Insurance Company Ever"

I love you guys at Clements. Best insurance company EVER.

U.S. State Department Employee,

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"We Really Appreciate the Empathy"

This claim was one of the cleanest, most efficient settlements I’ve been involved with and we really appreciate the empathy of your folks to the tragedy suffered by our members in Haiti.

Commercial Insurance Advisor,
United Nations Federal Credit Union

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"Great Reputation"

I have recently accepted a position at the American Bar Association's Rule of Law Initiative. In my interview, they were very impressed that I had previously worked at Clements. They specifically mentioned one of your account executives during my interview, saying how professional he was and how all of their pro bono lawyers use Clements when they go to work overseas.

I just thought you would like to know what a great reputation Clements has with your clients.

International Support Associate,
United States

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"Service is Excellent"

Compared to the Italian firms I've used, Clements is far more user-friendly and the service is excellent.

Program Manager,

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"Endlessly Helpful"

Thank you so much for all your assistance. You have been prompt, professional and endlessly helpful.

Human Resources Policy Officer,

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"Quick Claim Settlement"

Thanks for the quick claim settlement. We appreciate all your support and cooperation extended in servicing our policy at all times.

International School Administrator,

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"Efficient & Fast"

I wish everyone were as efficient and fast as Clements.

U.S. NGO Director,

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"Sincere Appreciation and Satisfaction"

I cannot express my sincere appreciation and satisfaction with the way my situation was handled. It has made this sorrowful experience as smooth as anyone could have wished. I really appreciate your help, kindness, thoughtfulness, efficiency and expediency in dealing with my claim.

International School Administrator,

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