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"Customer Service is Excellent"

I have had to call for assistance/clarification on several occasions and I love that 1) I get a person, 2) The entire inquiry takes 5-10 minutes, meaning I'm not spending a lot of time getting answers, 3) When I did have to wait to get a reply back (it happens), it was quick and polite. The customer service is excellent.

Peace Corps Volunteer,

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You have made this process as painless as possible. If I purchase another vehicle overseas, I will definitely insure it through Clements. I will also recommend you to my colleagues.

U.S. Contractor,
Bosnia & Herzegovina

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"Fast, Effective & Compassionate Service"

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your fast, effective and compassionate service. After this recent trauma that I have been through, the last thing I wanted to deal with was insurance. You have made this process very easy for me. Thank you.

U.S. Foreign Service Officer,

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"To Say I Was Pleased is an Understatement"

In regards to my claim proces, it went very smoothly. Once you verified that all the proper forms were submitted and I supplied you with the paperwork I received from the various shipping companies involved, the course of action Clements took was immediate. To say I was pleased with how expeditiously this was handled is an understatement.

When questioned by my fellow Foreign Service Officers how this situation is being handled, I explained to them how professionally and quickly Clements has responded to my plight. All were surprised, and more importantly, impressed.

U.S. Foreign Service Officer,

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